Our history  (24+ years and going.....)

Where we are today?

Still gamers at heart....


Lan Party beginnings

Why join ogf?

A simple motto....

2005 - Present

  • Many of the original members still play online today and keep active in various clubs and groups all related to gaming.
  • Our group still use the OGF TAG in many online games today and have been expanding our reach to those that like to game with friends and just have fun.  Nothing serious, no serious roles, just a place to gather and game with players who have the same interest.  Multi-player gaming online.




  • President - Slacker
  • Vice Pres - Peacemaker
  • Communications - Socs

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  • Time is short, so when we game, lets have fun and keep it simple.
  • Many of us have families & we all work hard. So when it's time to game online with our clan mates & friends, we want it simple and to the point.
  • We are open to suggestions, but overall, this is a group you can join and reach out when you want to game.  Hopefully in one of the selected online games we play, but hey, we like trying new things, bring it up in chat!


October 1999

  • Started as a LAN party group stemming from local IT groups from the Dayton area. 
  • Grew over the years to host LAN events up to 125 players from all over the Ohio Region, mostly the mid and southern areas of Ohio.
  • Sponsors from all the major hardware and software players in that time, providing motherboards, CPU's, memory, gaming keyboards and mice, including food from many local pizza and snack companies.
  • The Lan parties ran till 2005, as many games that had a strong online base were growing, lan parties just weren't the meeting place for gaming anymore.  WOW was the first game to really start the end of our lan party meetings.